Patterson C.V. (PDF)


2017          Ph.D. in Sociology and Demography at The Pennsylvania State University
2009         M.A. in Sociology at Indiana University – Indianapolis
2005         B.A. in Sociology and B.A. in Psychology at Indiana University – Bloomington


Demography; Family; Gender; Life Course and Aging; Parents and Children; Work and Family


Patterson, Sarah E., Margolis, Rachel, & Verdery, Ashton M. (2020). Family Embeddedness and Older Adult Mortality in the United States. Population Studies, Published online ahead of print.

Stokes, Jeffrey E. & Patterson, Sarah E.*. (2020). Intergenerational Relationships, Family Caregiving Policy, and COVID-19 in the United States. Journal of Aging & Social Policy, Published online, June. *Authors contributed equally

Patterson, Sarah E. (2020). Educational Attainment Differences in Attitudes toward Provisions of IADL Care for Older Adults in the U.S. Journal of Aging & Social Policy. Published Online, February.

Patterson, Sarah E. & Margolis, Rachel. (2019). The Demography of Multigenerational Caregiving: A Critical Aspect of the Gendered Life Course. Socius, Published Online, July. Preprint.

Daw, Jonathan, Verdery, Ashton M., & Patterson, Sarah E. (2019). Beyond Household Walls: The Spatial Structure of American Extended Kinship Networks. Mathematical Population Studies, 26(4), 208-237. Published Online, May. 

Lemmon, Megan, Patterson, Sarah E., & Martin, Molly A. (2018). Mothers’ Time and Relationship with Their Adolescent Children: the Influence of Labor Force Participation and Family Structure. Journal of Family Issues, 39(9), 2709-2731.

Patterson, Sarah E.*, Damaske, Sarah, & Sheroff, Christen. (2017). Gender and the MBA: Differences in Career Trajectories, Institutional Support, and Outcomes. Gender & Society, 31(3), 310-332.  *First two authors contributed equally; Blog post for Gender & Society article

Amato, Paul R., & Patterson, Sarah E.  (2017). Single-Parent Households and Mortality among Children and Youth. Social Science Research, 63, 253–262.  PMID: 28202147

Amato, Paul R., & Patterson, Sarah E. (2017). The Intergenerational Transmission of Union Instability in Early Adulthood. Journal of Marriage and Family, 79 (3), 723-738.  PMID: 28579639


2021            Institute for Social Research 2020 Next Generation Awardee, funded                         by the Marshall Weinberg Endowments

2020            Institute for Social Research 2020 Next Generation Awardee, funded                         by The Ronald and Deborah Freedman Fund for International                                       Population Activities

2017-18     Work and Family Research Network Early Career Scholar


2006-         American Sociological Association
2013-          Population Association of America
2013-          Work and Family Research Network
2019-          National Council on Family Relations
2020-          The Gerontological Society of America