Patterson C.V. (PDF)


2017          Ph.D. in Sociology and Demography at The Pennsylvania State University
2009         M.A. in Sociology at Indiana University – Indianapolis
2005         B.A. in Sociology and B.A. in Psychology at Indiana University – Bloomington


Demography; Family; Gender; Life Course and Aging; Parents and Children; Work and Family


Patterson, Sarah E., Margolis, Rachel, & Verdery, Ashton M. (2020). Family Embeddedness and Older Adult Mortality in the United States. Population Studies, Published online ahead of print.

Stokes, Jeffrey E. & Patterson, Sarah E.*. (2020). Intergenerational Relationships, Family Caregiving Policy, and COVID-19 in the United States. Journal of Aging & Social Policy, Published online, June. *Authors contributed equally

Patterson, Sarah E. (2020). Educational Attainment Differences in Attitudes toward Provisions of IADL Care for Older Adults in the U.S. Journal of Aging & Social Policy. Published Online, February.

Patterson, Sarah E. & Margolis, Rachel. (2019). The Demography of Multigenerational Caregiving: A Critical Aspect of the Gendered Life Course. Socius, Published Online, July. Preprint.

Daw, Jonathan, Verdery, Ashton M., & Patterson, Sarah E. (2019). Beyond Household Walls: The Spatial Structure of American Extended Kinship Networks. Mathematical Population Studies, 26(4), 208-237. Published Online, May. 

Lemmon, Megan, Patterson, Sarah E., & Martin, Molly A. (2018). Mothers’ Time and Relationship with Their Adolescent Children: the Influence of Labor Force Participation and Family Structure. Journal of Family Issues, 39(9), 2709-2731.

Patterson, Sarah E.*, Damaske, Sarah, & Sheroff, Christen. (2017). Gender and the MBA: Differences in Career Trajectories, Institutional Support, and Outcomes. Gender & Society, 31(3), 310-332.  *First two authors contributed equally; Blog post for Gender & Society article

Amato, Paul R., & Patterson, Sarah E.  (2017). Single-Parent Households and Mortality among Children and Youth. Social Science Research, 63, 253–262.  PMID: 28202147

Amato, Paul R., & Patterson, Sarah E. (2017). The Intergenerational Transmission of Union Instability in Early Adulthood. Journal of Marriage and Family, 79 (3), 723-738.  PMID: 28579639


2020            Institute for Social Research 2020 Next Generation Awardee, funded                         by The Ronald and Deborah Freedman Fund for International                                       Population Activities

2017-18     Work and Family Research Network Early Career Scholar


2006-         American Sociological Association
2013-          Population Association of America
2013-          Work and Family Research Network
2019-          National Council on Family Relations
2020-          The Gerontological Society of America